Hi. You're looking at Lareira Digital

We are an open source software consultancy, among other things.

Some of the things we do

Software Development
Software R&D
IoT Development
Linux training
Videogame development

Some of the things we are doing

Videogame workshops

What is going on

Godot 4.x course

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote the videogame industry, we will impart a course on Godot 4.x for those who are interested with the sight set on some events on 2023 and the Global Game Jam 2024.

Fediverse and Codeberg

We've taken some time and finally created Lareira's Mastodon account as well as migrated the code to Codeberg, which aligns better with our mission statement.

Pont-Up Startup Fair 2023

We've been accepted into the Pont-Up startup fair of Pontevedra. We're humbled by this opportunity and will make the most of it! Feel free to come visit, it will be worth it!

Sponsoring GGJ 2023

We're proud to be able to sponsor the Global Game Jam 2023 site in Pontevedra. As part of the commitment to reinvest part of our revenue in local STEM development, we might have a bit more fun than anticipated!

Helping Hapimag build their future

We have been hired by Hapimag AG to help them expand their vision of holidays into the next generation of people with major changes to their infrastructure as well as their software in general.