Lareira Digital / About us

Our story (as short as it is) from then to now.

Lareira Digital was funded by Oscar Carballal Prego on April 2022 with the idea of being an open source agency that would promote and strengthen the open source position not only in Spain but also in Europe. The idea was to have two sides of the coin. One, a corporate side that would put the vast years of experience to help other businesses and second, allow a space for software and hardware research and pure innovation.

On the first few months of existence we already got our first client (Hapimag AG) which enabled us to start delivering on the first front (software agency). During the next months we were able to put back some of that effort into our own projects, namely AVOA and Atuin which try to tackle some of the problems of the current convoluted tech stacks available.

During that time we also engaged in other activites of public interest, for example videogame development, supporting the Global Game Jam events alongside other efforts from the local community like LevelUP.